Mad About Plaid Dress & Layering

Let’s be honest, plaid is just the winter version of gingham. So after a summer full of gingham, plaid should be in your fall/winter wardrobe. When I found this plaid dress from Zara, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my growing fall wardrobe.


This is my first fall back in Minnesota since 2012 and I realized that my wardrobe is lacking. This plaid dress was a no brainer because it checked the big three ‘fall wardrobe’ requirements for me: it was under $50, it can be dressed up/down, and it can be layered.

Let’s talk layering. If you’re up North like me, listen up. To my lovely southern followers who’ve trailed me from Atlanta: keep this in mind for your Instagram pictures in January. I’ve seen this dress worn multiple ways and I’ll be sure to update with the different ways I style this throughout the winter. Yes, this is a little bit thinner than your typical winter dress but make this length work. This dress is short enough to be considered a tunic, it could absolutely be worn with leggings. I saw someone style it with pixie pants to make it office appropriate (you do you, girlfriend). I’m planning on throwing a turtleneck on under this bad boy at some point.

plaid dress with slouchy sweater

To be frank, my first thought when I tried this on was this is very Little House on the Prairie but my new mantra this season is “boxy is better.” This cut will look fantastic on most body types. Honestly, it would probably look better on a curvier woman than myself. Anyways, boxy is in and it’s not just for sweaters anymore.  For ladies that run cold, boxy means you can wrap yourself up under the dress and still look amazing. Boxy is good.

Enough about the dress, moving on to accessories. A solid black cardigan will take you far. Mine is old, but I’ll link some similar ones down below. I invested in this one a few years ago and it hasn’t let me down yet. My panama hat: Target. Meghan Markle made me do it and I’ll never look back.

And the OTK boots… I said I’d never do it. I didn’t know that they’re basically leg warmers from this decade so I’m on board now. They also tend to garner lots of compliments from strangers. The first time I wore mine, a lady stopped a phone conversation in the Target parking lot and said “YOU LOOK SO CUTE” so if you don’t believe me, believe her. I love you, Target Parking Lot Lady.

hats off to plaid dresses

Ok, that’s all from me for now. Thank you for sticking with me during my stalling when it comes to writing new posts. Thanks for reading this rambling mess. Thanks for liking my stuff on Instagram. Here are the links you came for.

Plaid Dress: Zara | Over The Knee Boots: Steve Madden | Hat: Target | Sweater: Similar

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